RR6 Standard


Ker Serigne
A standard partly furnished 3 bedroom house located at Kerr Serigne.





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GMD:3,324,300 (Dalasi)
Exchange Rates last updated on 06/11/2017 12:53:31

Full description

A sizable living room, well fitted kitchen, bathrooms (one shared and one in the masters), dining room, ceilings fans, air condition (masters), store, beautiful garden, boy's quarters(security room) with outside bathroom and generator room. Access to mains water and electricity (cash power) with a local well.



The rooms within this property are listed below.

Bathroom (large)

A decent and clean bathrooms.

Bedroom (Large)

A comfortable and sizable master bedroom with bathroom and air conditon.

Bedroom (sizable)

A very decent bedroom for your comfort.

Bedroom (large)

A very decent bedroom for your comfort.

Dining Room (large)

For all your meals and comfort

Kitchen (Large)

A well fitted kitchen for all your cookings.

Living Room (Large)

A place to relax after a tedious day.

Utility Room (Large)

For all your keepings


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