Advertise your property in Gambia

Advertise your property or land in Gambia with Duma Sang Sang Gambia Ltd (Rentals and Real Estate)

Why advertise your property or land in Gambia with us ?

We are Gambia's leading property company. We have a team of local, Gambia based, experienced staff based in our own office in Gambia who will be pleased to assist you in finding your perfect home or place to stay.


There are two services we offer:

Full agent service

The full agent service is D2000. This gets your property on the web site for 1 year. We will then act as your agent to sell your property for you. A commission fee of 5% is then payable once your property has been sold.

Advertisement service

For D4000 we will list your property on the web site. Any enquiries are then passed directly onto you for you to deal with.

This fee also includes:

- Visiting your property to take photos

- Creating detailed documentation about your property

- Adding your property to our window display board in our office

How do I advertise my Property?

To advertise your property, please email or contact us using one of the methods listed.